A sample of the many projects Booster Club has recently funded or approved include:

  • New baseball dugouts at the Varsity baseball field
  • All Fitness Equipment for the GBN Fitness Center
  • Outdoor Bathroom Facilities serving all athletic fields
  • Mat Wall Rack for Wrestling
  • Playmate Genie Remote for Tennis
  • Pole Vault Poles and High Jump Standards for Track
  • Training Pit for Gymnastics
  • Helmets, Shoulder Pads and Helmet Carts for Football
  • Ping Golf Bags for Boys and Girls Golf
  • Stretch Cords and Snorkels for Swimming
  • Flexi Cheer Mat for Cheerleading
  • New Balls for Soccer, Softball, Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball and Water Polo
  • New Backboards, Table Clocks and Table Top Scoreboards for Small Gyms


Each year, the GBN Athletic Directors give coaches of the GBN athletic teams the opportunity to request a wishlist item for his/her team. The requested wishlist items are reviewed by the Athletic Directors for approval and a combined wishlist is presented to the Booster Club for consideration and funding. In addition to the annual wishlist gifts, the Booster Club also supports larger projects that often require several years of fundraising, such as the recently completed turf stadium.

The GBN Booster Club is proud to support the needs of all athletic teams on an equal basis without regard to number of the participants in the sport or the number of spectators drawn by the sport.

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