Glenbrook North Booster Club

August 17, 2015 - Meeting Minutes



In Attendance: Russell and Esther Rosenberg, Lauri Kaplan, Anna and Ron Amen, Marty Albert, John Catalano, Nancy Moran, Brian Sullivan, Elliot & Joy Bruckman, Tiffany Sybert, Kathy Burnside, Paul Vignocchi, Matt Purdy, Helen & Michael Melnick, Suzanne Kahn, Jamie Werhane, Robin Bear


Meeting called to order 6:05.

  • Welcome to another great year, went around room introductions.

Fall Reps will be put in place ASAP; most Varsity Reps are in place still waiting on some rosters for younger teams. Parent Rep folders are being emailed out via zip drive. Need to open on a computer vs. phone. Reps are key to membership – we are doing membership electronically. Discussion on how to get player’s family’s emails – vs. just home phone numbers when we get the rosters. Our database will have emails if they were members last year. We need a way to email our parents.

  • Spartan Hotline – 847-509-2607

  • Athletic Schedules – (athletic link)

  • Booster Website –

  • Book Sale: Going well, spartanwear and membership. Reconciliation – all electronic. Used square minimally. We gave new teachers Gift Card for $35 to be used for Spartanwear.


Upcoming Events:

  • Fall Jamboree – Friday, August 21st @ 5:00. Kathy and John: We are all set, will be using the main concession stand and the courtyard vs. room 108. Spartanwear will be next to concessions. Jim Allen will be grilling.

  • Back to School Night, August 29th 6 – 9 pm, Glenbrook Foundation, Kristine.


Treasurer’s Report: (Marty)

Compared last few years and gave a report. We are going to create and informal budget going forward. Please make sure final team reps info is sent to Marty. For all squad parties – Please remember to let him know if you are doing a party and who you are ordering from. Also we only pay $7.00 per athlete. We do not cover parents/siblings etc. All forms are located on our website. Please turn in your receipts and deposits in a timely manner.


Secretary’s Report: (Lauri)

Please sign the attendance sheet before you leave. It is very helpful if you can email in your report before each meeting. There will be blank ones available for anyone who needs one at every meeting. Minutes will be posted once approved.




Party Box: (sent in from Toby)

Booster Party Boxes were well supplied and organized when I received them Aug 2014. I added gloves and tablecloths, as they weren’t part of the initial box items. My suggestions for this year:

-Please have the team parents contact me at least 48 hours in advance (we need to coordinate teams, last year a few contacted me day of).

-Please have the team parent email me first at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Call me second at 847-226-2901.

- Please clean utensils before returning. (Did a good job this past year)

- Remind parents that I am NOT in charge of ordering the pizza or planning the parties. Many team parents asked me to order the pizza and sometimes to plan entire party.

- this year, I will keep closer track of how much I spend, how many parties I supply and how much notice parents give me.


*Discussion and recommendation to Toby from meeting was to have her create a check list to attach to top of each box – i.e. Utensils cleaned, items needed _____, did you use everything?, anything missing etc.

*Discussion on Senior Nights for teams: need to coordinate – let the Booster Club know if you need banner or balloons. Reps are responsible for decorating. We have a free Banner at Fast Signs that we will use to make another Senior Banner.


Membership: (Ron and Anna)

Last year before book sale had 469 this year 248. We did not do a summer mailing this year. We have sent a few emails. Need to push membership, Will have team reps talk to parents as we did last year. After the Book Sale we will send a mailing to past members who have not joined to date. Also send to freshman families.


Spartanwear: (Joy and Tiffany),

Book Sale is going well. Only have 4 home football games this season. Will sell at Soccer Youth Night, Tuesday, Sept 9th. Lowered the inventory from last year.


Yard Sale: (Brian)

We have $2,000 in orders to date. We got a good head start due to good weather. Will have a pick up next week. Relay signs were $20; $10 went to Booster and $10 to Relay.


Concessions: (Jamie)

This weekend we need help cleaning out the outdoor concession shed. Jamie will stock but please remind Reps to clean up concession stand and restock items. Also to alert her if we are low on



Super Raffle: Sold 20 to date.





No team Reports – most seasons just starting or under way soon.


Athletic Director Report: (John)

Girl’s Golf: took 3rd place out of 13 at Conant Invite. The team says thank you for the new golf bags the Booster Club purchased.

The Athletic Offices are moving. PE teachers will be moved in by end of week. Old AD offices will be converted. The female coach locker room is finished – was the original since school was built.

Money has been donated for new score board at stadium. Should be in by mid September.


Motion to adjourn – Joy and Lauri


Next meeting date will be discussed due to Varsity Soccer game and Jr Spartan Night. An email will go out.


Respectfully Submitted,


Lauri Kaplan