GBN Booster Club

Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2015


Meeting called to order 7:05

In Attendance: Russell and Esther Rosenberg, Lauri Kaplan, Anna and Ron Amen, John Catalano, Jamie Werhane, Joy Bruckman, Joan Tedeschi, Paul Vignocchi, Matt Purdy, Robin Bear, Michelle Hinca, Brian Sullivan, Sean McFarland, John Burnside, John Orticelli, Cyndi Barrett, Anne Benson, Suzanne Kahn, Betsy Liberman.


President’s Report: Welcome new reps. Introductions all around.

  • Spring Sports Reps Process and Update, Please let Esther know if you have not received your team rep folders. Please emphasize Booster Club membership to your team parents.

  • Spartan Hotline – 847-509-2607. Usually updated by 2:00. Please share number with your parents.

  • Athletic Schedules (go to athletics link), - click on Glenbrook North High School. Once open you can save to your home screen for future. When there are changes Paul V will update – check the banner on the screen.

  • Senior Banquet Committee – have chair people in place, Russell will forward information to Joan and she will facilitate and train chairs.

Upcoming Events:

  • Spring Break: March 30 – April 3 School resumes April 6

  • Spring Sports Awards Night – Tuesday, June 2nd, 6:30 pm at GBN

  • Senior Athletic Banquet at Northbrook Hilton - Thursday, June 4, 2015



Booster Bash Recap: (Robin) – Still working on numbers – expenses still coming in. We are down from last year, however last year we had record numbers. This year was similar to the year before last. Bidding was down; there was no “fighting over items” as in past. We had 145 packages, all but 5 were sold. Around 75 people less in attendance. 256 tickets sold. Everyone had a great time, better set up, bars worked out well, good flow, and the food was well received. Sound system still had some issues, better than last year. Recommendation made from Mr. Catalano - to use our system next year wherever the venue. Live auction was up $1,500 from last year. GBN Hockey pledged $1,000 to booster club. Numbers should come in around mid $20K. Our Goal was to honor Dr Pryma we definitely succeeded – Ken Call was commissioned to do a painting – was amazing (passed around a picture). I have very detailed reports for the next chair person. Thank you to all who donated items.



Treasurer’s Report: (emailed) Passed out financial statements. Concession revenue was down approximately $6,400 compared to last year.  However, a deposit was made in March for February concession income from MLK and boys and girls basketball. This deposit was approximately $7,300 which more than makes up the difference. I hoped to have a preliminary report for BASH, but the numbers are still being worked through.  Expenses are consistent with last year at about $16,500.  Income will be down due to lower attendance and about 28 fewer super raffles sold.  Auction income is down by a small amount.  A full report will be supplied at the next meeting. Most team donations have been received or promised to be received by today. Spartanwear had a good month and is now cash flow positive for the year.  Sales through February were $41,700 and inventory purchases were $38,600 for positive cash flow of $3,100. In terms of all squad team parties: please remember that we only reimburse $7 per athlete. All info for parties is in your team packet. Discussion on what all the squad parties entail. One Recommendation: have tip amount for parties put in the Rep information.

Membership Report (Anna and Ron): Membership to date 781 (1 more in March) Down from last year (April 2014 around 840, April 2013 – 850) However Mr. Catalano explained that our school population in down this year. We have fewer families this year. Bash Super Raffle – 196 tickets sold, $9,800 in revenue, paid out $6,300 = net revenue $3,500

Membership percentage report by sport as of 3/1/2015:

Fall Sport’s:

Boys: 75% total

Golf: Varsity 100%, Frosh/Soph 80%

Football: Varsity 89%, Soph 89%, Frosh 61%

Soccer: Varsity 74%, JV 67%, Soph 58%, Frosh A 86%, Frosh B: 86%

Cross Country: 63%


Girls: 64% total

Volleyball: Varsity 80%, JV 85%, Frosh A 75%, Frosh B 67%

Tennis: Varsity 50%, JV 50%, freshman 76%

Swimming: Varsity: 73%

Golf: 50%

Cross country: 57%


Winter Sports:


Basketball: Varsity 100%, Soph 92%, Frosh 75%

Bowling: 67%

Swimming: 55%

Wrestling: 57%

Diving: 50%



Basketball: Varsity 71%, Soph 54%, Frosh 47%

Bowling: 64%

Cheerleading: 80%

Gymnastics 63%



Spartanwear (Joy/Betsy): Preparing for 8th grade sale. Will do pick up at Joy’s garage this year. We have been purchasing for the fall. Love the online order system. It is terrific, thank you Robin.


Concessions Report (Jamie): Spring is starting. Schedules will be sent out soon. Patty will be restocking soccer and lacrosse, Joan will be doing baseball and Jamie indoor. Please let them know when need anything. Outside is ready to go – opened tonight. The water is not turned on and will not for another week. Bathrooms not open yet – there is a port-a-potty. There is a new cash box system in place - Each team varsity rep will get a cash box for their “sport” with a starting balance. Marty would like money turned in within a few days. Please pull money each game (leave starting balance) and place in separate envelope with date of event. You Can turn several envelopes in at a time. Marty and Jamie will send an email to each varsity rep with full directions of new policy.


Yard Signs Report (Brian): All going well. Orders are only on web site now. Have around 25-30 orders, warm weather has allowed him to get out and paint. Freshman spring should be coming in soon. Just ordered more material.


Secretary’s Report (Lauri): Please sign the attendance sheet before you leave; you only need to add your email if this is your first meeting this school year. Thank you to those who emailed in your reports. It is very helpful. There are blank ones available for anyone who still needs one. Please hand in your report before you leave. Minutes from the February meeting are also available and will be posted on our website after today's meeting.


Sports Reports:

Winter Sports Wrap Ups

Boys Basketball: Varsity: 14 wins, 12 losses Conference: 5 wins, 5 losses. Niles North declared a residency rule violation so all their games this year were forfeited. Regional Playoffs: beat Mather 63-60 in the last seconds. Lost to Maine South. We had a great senior night, graduated 5 seniors, lots of Pasta Parties. Boys all got along great. Had 100% booster club membership participation.

Freshman B wrap up: 21 wins, 2 losses. Submitted donation.


Boys track: placed 2nd at Rolling Meadows and Buffalo Grove invites. Conference in Friday 3/20

Girls track: Conference is Thursday 3/19.


Spring Sports Reports:

Some sports have not started competition as of tonight.

Boys Gymnastics: 1 and 1, GBN placed 8th out of 12 teams at Niles West Invite.

Boys Baseball: JV had First Game today vs. St Patrick - Won 13-1. All level meeting and pizza party held; team reps secured for all levels. Varsity Plays Wheeling on Wednesday then Game vs. St. Rita Saturday, traditionally one of the top teams in IL. Team is Looking forward to Disney Spring Training over Spring Break, where we will be playing teams from OH, NY and WI. JV and Varsity each will play 5 games. 31 boys on Varsity. Some are pitchers only.


Girls Softball: first game today


Girls Soccer: First game tomorrow


Boys Volleyball: teams just put together, no competition til spring break


Girl’s Water polo:  2 wins, 0 losses – beat New Trier 7 – 6!!


Boys Water polo: Varsity: 4 wins, 2 losses. Beat Hinsdale south tonight. GBN is ranked 35 on Illinois water

Polo sight, Hinsdale south is 39. Very exciting win. Face Maine south and have the Evanston tourney this

Week. Have 40 boys in the program.

JV: 2 wins, 4 losses.


Boys Lacrosse: 1 – 0, first game and win tonight. 15 – 1. We have 93 boys in program. 31 on varsity. Team is Heading to Pittsburgh for spring break - Playing 3 games.

Frosh/Soph: start play March 25th.


Athletic Director’s report (John):

Niles North declared an ineligible player due to residency violation. Therefore had to forfeit all wins this season. Waukegan High School announced they are leaving the CSL 2016/2017 season and moving to the North Suburban Conference. (closer schools, save money on transportation, more parents hopefully be able to attend away competitions to name a few of their reasons, have tried for a few years, finally received permission to leave). Have not had a team leave the CSL in 35 years. Will have 11 schools in CSL, so they are accepting letters of inquiry from schools til April 30th. CSL should have a decision in May.

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is having a presentation on Mental Health for students and parents on March 24th @ 7:00 in the GBN Library. All are invited.


Motion to adjourn 8:10 by Matt and Joy



Next month’s meeting will be held on Monday, April 6th at 7 pm in the Green and Gold Conference Room



Respectfully submitted,


Lauri Kaplan