GBN Booster Club Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2014


Attendance: Russell Rosenberg, Lauri Kaplan, Anna and Ron Amen, Joy and Elliot Bruckman, Robin Bear, Marty Albert, John Catalano, Matt Purdy, Brian Sullivan, Jamie Werhane, Betsy Liberman, Suzanne Kahn, Debbie Ehrlich, Michelle Hinca, Kathy Burnside, Sam Greenberg, Marcy Just, Paul Vignocchi

Welcome meeting called to order 7:08

Introduction of Winter Team Reps

President’s Report:

Membership Drive: passed out team membership lists, please email your parents, any neighbors etc and report updates at the next meeting.

Fundraising Ideas: Half-Court Shot – sold 50/50 raffles at last game for a $1 a ticket, draw one number. Missed the shot. Took in $60. Discussion to roll ½ of the pot to next game. Will sell again at GBN/GBS game. Discussion if Sparty can help sell (answer is no), poms or cheerleaders a possibility. Activity Passes: GBS sells ad space on their activity pass. 3 ads per pass, 2 passes. Each sponsorship is $500.

  • Spartan Hotline: 847-509-2607 updated around 2. If there is a snow day only Varsity practices and/or plays.

  • Athletic Schedules- (go to athletics link)

  • Booster Website-


Winter Sports Awards Night – Thursday, March 5, 2015

Booster Bash at Pinstripes - Saturday, March 7, 2015

Senior Athletic Banquet at Northbrook Hilton - Thursday, June 4, 2015


Treasurer’s Report (Marty): all running smoothly. Please remember to let him know if you are doing a party and who you are ordering from - i.e. getting Jets pizza bills - no idea which team, also finding out its for more than the athletes. Please remember - we only pay $7.00 per athlete. We do not cover parents/siblings etc. passed out financials. All forms are located on our website. Please turn in your receipts and deposits in a timely manner. We are putting together a policy for cash boxes.

Membership Report (Anna): 20 new members since Jamboree. 778 members, 97 raffle tickets sold to date.

Spartanwear (Joy): sales going well. Will be selling Dec 19th. Also lunch 12/19. Have new products online. If order online can arrange pickup.

Concessions Report (Jamie) All good. Sent our schedules for concessions, please let me know if you notice any problems. Please email her the schedules once they are filled in, she may be able to help. We are having some problems with freshmen teams. We were there on Friday night and trained all the varsity reps on open and closing procedures. Jamie will be there on 12/19, will have grillers as well .Working on a cash box policy with Marty. Please let me know if we are short on anything in concessions. Please remember to restock before you leave. Also, please sell any drinks left over from your parties. All drinks that are leftover are donated to Booster club and should be brought into concession stand. We don’t do one for gymnastics/swimming or wrestling unusually, but if you want me to I can sent one up. Last year swimming reps used sign up genie and did their own.

Yard Signs Report (Brian) all going well. Looks like will be a nice weekend, have 18 orders pending so will get them painted. $7300 so far, inventory is good.

Secretary’s Report (Lauri) Please sign the attendance sheet before you leave, you only need to add your email if this is your first meeting this school year. Thank you to those who emailed in your reports, It is very helpful. There are blank ones available for anyone who still needs one. Please hand in your report before you leave. Minutes from the November meeting are also available and will be posted on our website after today's meeting.

Booster Bash (Robin): Sent out a save the date email today from the school email. Within 2 minutes had a donation. Our second meeting is Monday. Very excited for “Pryma Proud” Booster Bash. Will be doing bands – saying Pryma Proud with bid number on them. Invitations will go out mid to end of January. Save the date cards go out soon.


Winter Sports Reports:

Boys Basketball

Varsity: 4 wins, 2 loses

Niles west tournament – went 2 – 1 (lost to Hersey by only 3 pts), seeded second, beat 16th ranked Hyde park 53-43 to take 3rd out of 8 teams. Beat Waukegan by 11 points and lost to GBS on the buzzer in a packed house nail biter. Team has been playing without last year’s leading scorer Jan Siegien who is out with a torn ACL and returning varsity junior John Simon was out sick for the tournament. The team is jelling well with outstanding performances by all the starters - captains Pat Hamilton, Mathias Kim, juniors and new varsity members Michael Stachnick (transfer from Loyola), Jordan Kaplan, and Zach Hoffman. Before the holiday 8 of the new varsity junior boys did a service project where they packed almost 2 dozen holiday boxes for underprivileged children. Sherry Koo organized through Operation Christmas Child.  Membership Report: 100% of team. UPCOMING EVENTS: First pasta party was tonight, have more scheduled. We play away at Maine west tomorrow and Maine east on Friday. Boys are looking forward to starting official conference play. Especially Niles North on Dec 19th when they retire Jon Scheyer’s (23) and Chris Collin’s (20) jersey numbers before their game.

Soph: 5 wins, 0 losses.

Frosh A: 5 wins, no losses, won Friday’s game in overtime. As of 12/8 8 of 12 are booster club members, will check on the other 4. Completed booster club donation and will turn in.

Frosh B: 5 wins, no losses. 10 of 12 are booster members, 2nd pasta party in Sunday 12/14


Girls Basketball

Varsity: 0 wins, 7 losses

JV: 1 win 0 losses Beat GBS 40 – 38 on Saturday

Soph: 1 win, 4 losses

Frosh A: 1 win 4 losses

Frosh B: 2 wins, 3 losses. Learning to work together..




Boys Bowling

Varsity: 9 wins, 0 losses , hosted first ever GBN tournament on 11-8. 32 teams. GBN finished 3rd. Took 14th out of48 at Plainfield North tourn. Home vs. Deerfield 1-8, then IHSA regional 1.17.15. Tonight vs. Lake Park had a school record of 3318 pins. Team Average 221 pins. JV: 4 wins, 3 loses, hosted 35 team tournament on Nov 3rd. Place was packed an all day event. Packed the place – lots of GBN students showed up in support and cheered. 979 pins average.


Girls Bowling

Varsity: 0 wins, 2 losses

JV: 0 wins, 2 losses. Took 5th at Libertyville invite on Saturday.



Varsity: Saturday, December 6th, 2014 - Wauconda Cheer Invitational @ Wauconda High School - placed 3rd without illegalities out of six teams competing. Sunday, December 7th, 2014 - Midwest Cheer Fest @ Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park - placed 7th out of twelve teams competing - In this competition, GBN went up against the most challenging teams in the state. They were delighted to have placed as high as they did. They continue to improve with each competition and are working well together as a team.  Upcoming: Sunday, December 14th, 2014 - Stevenson High School Cheer Invitational

JV: took 3rd at Wauconda Invitational


Girls Gymnastics

Varsity: lost to GBS and took 8th out of 17 teams at Rolling Meadows Invite Saturday. Tomorrow at Niles north, Saturday is Spartan classic.

JV: beat GBS on 12.4

Frosh/Soph: 1 win, beat GBS


Boys Swimming / Diving

Varsity: 0 wins, 1 loss. Next meet is vs. GBS on the 12th. Hosting Spartan Sprint Classic on 12/13. New coach this year. Kids are working very hard.



Varsity: 0 wins, 5 losses. Strong showing by some of our juniors and returning seniors. Varsity is having to forfeit a few weight levels due to injuries. Hosted St Patrick and Maine West (lost both) and a quad meet Saturday with 2 ranked teams (Conant and Notre dame) and won more matches than last year. Upcoming: have a home meet Friday vs. Niles North then we are away every match except Deerfield on Jan. 9th. The GBS 2-day invite is Dec 19th and 20th

JV: 4 wins, 3 losses

Frosh: 0 and 2, 7 of 15 kids are at the same weight.


Fall Girls Swimming/Diving: finished 9th in state. Abigail Rosenberg took 3rd in state in 100 freestyle, 2 relay teams both took 6th in state.

Cross country: Nate Whitfield took 52nd at State


Athletic Director’s report (John)

Friday, December 19th hosting Jon Scheyer and Chris Collins. Retiring their Numbers at Ceremony in main gym at 7:00. Lots of excitement, nice article in this month’s Torch. Press will be there. They will not sign autographs. We will have them sign and donate items to Booster Bash Silent Auction.


Please join us at Next month’s meeting, Monday, January 5th at 7 pm in the Green and Gold Conference Room


Motion to adjourn: 7:55 Marty and Robin


Respectfully submitted,


Lauri Kaplan