Meeting Minutes for September 8, 2014



Meeting called to order: 7:10


In Attendance: Russell Rosenberg, Lauri Kaplan, Joy Bruckman, Charisse Clark, Joan Tedeschi, Andi Bolan, Jenny Dolins, Lauri Koretz, Kristine Schwandner, Sue Freiden, Kathy Burnside, Brian Sullivan, Michael Grossman, Anna Amen, Debbie Oberman, Robin Bear, Carol Atkins, Joy Bruckman, Marty Albert, John Catalano



  • Welcome – discussed how hotline works – expectations etc. your athlete is the best form of communication. Coaches are updated and relay to their athletes.

  • All Reps are in place, Esther and Lauri have a master list that has been submitted to Karen Karp

  • Spartan Hotline 509-2607 (usually updated by 2:30) Did anyone use it Friday? Please explain to your parents that sudden storms cannot be predicted. Karen stayed til 3:30. For example our kids were getting on bus when we got a call from Wheeling high school that roof had an issue and game canceled.

  • Athletic Schedules- (go to athletics link)

  • Booster Website-


Jamboree: (Kathy) it went well. Sold 75 cheeseburgers and 30 hot dogs. Discussion on why a Friday night and not on the weekend. Reason is cuts are still going on. Also tried it on a Saturday once not a good turnout. Also was very warm in the lobby so would like to move it to the courtyard or the VIP lot. Move clothing as well. Discussed options.


Back to school night: (Kristine) – was terrific, had a great turnout. First year doing it. Beautiful night. Thank you for all your support. We think around 2000 attendance. Had 100 students from GBN and GBS help out. Next year will be at GBS.

Treasurer: (Marty)

Please remember to turn in expense form and all receipts for reimbursements. When turning in $$ make sure you list what it is for, your name and how much on the envelope. Statements were handed out. Can obtain form on our website. Please remember your tax exempt letter will not be reimbursed for tax. Also will not reimburse without documentation. Early in year revenues are up. Cash position is down due to advance on the turf payment in May. (Made the 2014-2015 payment since we were in good cash position).


Secretary: (Lauri)

Minutes from August meeting passed out. Minutes will be available on the website. Please sign in with your email and position. I will email out the new Sports Results sheet to reps before each meeting. It is also on our website. Please forward to me or bring to meeting, helps to make sure the results are correct. Also please note there is a new Sports Team report format. Please use new one in the future. Thank you.



Membership: (Anna)

730 members as of the moments still reconciling on line memberships and need to still finish entering mail ins. Sold 80 raffle tickets to date. Got the final Becks report Thursday on spartanwear, memberships and yard signs. Just $566 discrepancy on spartanwear. Only 10 discrepancies with membership people not charged – calling them and they are paying no problem. Last year at the September meeting we had 828 members (52 gold).


Spartanwear: Joy and Michael

Book sale was very successful. Beat last year by $7,000 and last year was a record. Jamboree was not great for us – very hot in room. Parents wanted out. Also square didn’t work so only could take checks. Also heard that coaches told the kids didn’t have to be there until time to go in CPA. Loyalty day went great –lots of new teachers as well as kids. First football game went well also. Moved everything out to shed. Next home game Jr. Spartan night – Sept 19th. Lanyards should be in soon.


Yard signs: (Brian) just got 17 in over 130 to date - $4500 so far (on par with last year at this time) so all is going well. Should have first pick up Saturday the 13th. Have 200 stakes ordered. All have gotten emails saying order received and when to pick up their signs. Only a few on the online system. Checking once a week on line and still getting more.


Concessions: all going well. Discussion on how to handle administrators, officials etc with meal tickets. There will be instructions in all the concession stands. The new fridges must be tightly shut, please make sure it’s closed. Please remember to stock for the next group fridges should be full at end of your match. No matter what your event is please restock. We have a system that we can fax orders into Costco now.



Booster bash: (Robin) crew is back. 8 on the committee - Tucker (venue), Tedeschi (school), Bruckman’s (solicitation) etc. Letter will be ready soon. Need to make sure GBN experiences are covered. Explained that the Bash is a large fundraiser - silent auction, live auction, food etc. changed from sit down dinner to cocktails and dessert at pinstripes. Casual, fun evening. 339 people this past year. In past had less than 200.

Brought in almost $20,000 last year.


Sports Reports:


Varsity: 1-1 heading to Maine South this week. Couple pasta parties already

JV 0-2 lost Libertyville and Hersey. Most of JV played vs. Steinmetz starting the 2nd quarter this past Friday.

Sophomore: 2-0 off to a good start. Beat Hersey 21-7 and Libertyville 13-12.

Freshman: 1-1



Varsity: 3 wins 0 losses, Girl’s season has started strong. There were a record number of girls trying out for the team this year. At this point the varsity team is 3 and 0 with dual meet wins over Libertyville, Buffalo Grove and Loyola. We took 5th of 16 in the new Trier invite. Next match tomorrow vs. New Trier and 9/11 vs. GBS.

JV: 3 wins, 0 losses, team came in 2nd at GBS Quad on 8/30! Team won round robin at prospect last weekend. Off to an amazing start.

Freshman: 4 wins, 0 losses, First time in 10 years we beat Loyola at the number one singles position. GBS Quad on Saturday. Have Dual meets this week vs. Evanston and New Trier.



Varsity: 2-1, new Trier invite 8 out of 16. Have had a couple pasta parties.

JV – 3-0 won all in 2. All girls are playing. Pasta pool party to start season off

Freshman A: 1-1 Freshman B (no report)


Boy’s Golf:

Varsity: 1 win, 2 losses all in match play. We beat Maine South and lost in close matches to New Trier and Deerfield (by 3 strokes). We have played in 4 invitational tournaments. Places 3rd, 4th, 5th and 4th. Each had at least 12 teams.



JV : 4 wins 1 Loss

CSL Ryder Cup GBN individually won the whole event, but as Ryder Cups go, (Combined North vs. Combined South, our Combined efforts gave us and loss overall. We lost Loyola the first go round, but beat ‘em by 1 stroke in the second At the Lake Forest Invite @ Foss Park we came in 4th Place the Main South event @ White Pines proved to be a good omen for GBN. They won the event. Just goes to show you, even a venue change can’t shake our JV Boys Golf!




Girl’s Golf:

Varsity: (no report) doing well

JV: 2 wins, 3 losses on 8/23 at GBS invitational we placed 2nd out of 6 schools.


Cross Country: Boys/Girls all levels:

The teams have gotten off to a nice start. Although their only meet has been a unique relay meet with GBS, the teams are practicing well and recently finished their 2nd time trial to help determine their varsity squad. Both teams are looking forward to the Lake Park Invitational this Saturday. 



Varsity: 1 Win, 1 loss, 2 ties (0-0)

Quincy tournament 1-3

Boys wearing orange TED STRONG shirts to support and honor their friend and team mate teddy Shapiro who was diagnosed with cancer in August. We are all committed to helping teddy and his family. We hope to get continued support at our home games by all fans wearing orange which is Teddy's favorite color. TED STRONG on front SHAPIRO 7 on back. Our parent sweatshirts also have an orange TEDSTRONG 7 on them.  Forman game brought in $1000ish 

9 of the 14 seniors on this team started playing soccer together at age 8. This is a very special team and group of young men!

JV: 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 tie

Have a pasta party on Friday, sat play Niles West. Boys playing well. Tough loss to New Trier today.

Sophomore: 2 wins, 2 losses, 1 tie

Team looked impressive in the first game against Buffalo Grove scoring 2 out of 3 goals in first 5 minutes. Play New Trier tomorrow, have a lot of pasta parties planned.

Freshman A : (no report)

Freshman B: 1 win, 2 losses

Had a nice win 4-0 over Highland Park. Have a few pasta parties planned.

Girls Swimming:


Lake Forest Relays, placed 2nd overall!

Famous Kick-off “Green and Gold Meet”, swim team divides into two teams for a meet;

Tied. Team also enjoyed Booster Team sponsored pizza party after Green/Gold Meet. Thank you! Upcoming events: Tuesday vs. Stevenson, Saturday vs. Lyons


Athletic Directors report: (John Catalano)

Had a question for us– how did you like the infosnap system for book sale/registration?

Responses: The athletic form vs. health form was not clear. Stated that all had to do Proof of residency – not just new students and freshman. Athletic part – asked if your child is going to participate in sports – confusion on which form needed.

Mr. Catalano clarifies that all they need is the athletic form with Dr. signing off that it’s ok for your child to participate in sports.

GBN goes pink week last week of September – game Thursday – Oct 2nd last day.8th year doing this fundraiser – money goes to -a cancer wellness center, rush univ. cancer center, Univ. of Chicago and a few other – all cancer research. Have raised $6,000-$8500 girls tennis spearheads it but all teams participate.


Joan and Robin motion to adjourn. 8:15


Respectively submitted,



Lauri Kaplan