GBN Booster Club Meeting -  August 15, 2016

Meeting began at 7:00 pm in the Green and Gold Room

Attendees: Anna Amen, Ron Amen, Anne Benson, Tiffany Sybert, Indra Williams, Bridget Hughes, Kirsten Crispen, Jaime Knez, John Catalano, John Fraser, Susan Fraser, Paul Vignocchi, Matt Purdy, Russell Rosenberg, Lauri Koretz, Suzanne Kahn, Steve Aronson, Kathy Burnside, Jennifer Kieffer, Tere Neuhausel

President’s Report:

Spartan Hotline:  509-2607

Athletic Information/Schedules:

New Board Position – Team Rep Liaison

Russell Rosenberg is the team rep liaison, a newly created board position.  Russell is holding a meeting, Thursday, August 25 at 7pm in the cafeteria, to discuss a rep’s responsibilities and explain his role as rep liaison.  All fall reps will be highly encouraged to attend. 

Book Sale

Book sale is going well, with positive feedback on SpartanWear.  Membership numbers hard to determine at this time.


The Fall Sports Jamboree will be held Friday August 19 at 5:00pm.  Per Kathy Burnside, the jamboree is fully staffed.  Both Membership and SpartanWear will have tables at the event.

Treasurer’s Report – no report at this time, distributed a Profit & Loss Statement for year ending June 30, 2016

Secretary’s Report – no report at this time

Membership Report – Book Sale membership drive seems to be going well, but Tere has not received numbers from the book sale administrators.  She will give list of non-members to team reps so membership can be encouraged. 

SpartanWear  Report– 2016 Book Sales going well, even with last year’s sales

Concessions Report – Both indoor and outdoor concessions are fully stocked

Booster Bash – Suzanne Kahn is the chair for the March 4, 2017 event to be held at Pinstripes at 7pm.

Varsity Football – they have a good group of booster volunteers

Sophomore football – excellent attendance and good attitudes, more players out this year (33 or 34), lost four but gained five or six.  First game is against Libertyville on Saturday, August 27.

Freshman football- 26 or 27 players on the roster.

Girls tennis – several returning state contenders, strong team

Girls Varsity Volleyball – team roster is heavy on seniors

Girls Freshman Volleyball A and B – teams set with 11 girls on each squad. 

Boys Varsity Golf – 11 players on the roster, spread evenly among sophomores, juniors and seniors.  First event was the Hersey Invitational on Monday August 15.

Girls Varsity Swim Team – 15 girls, currently having double practices

Boys Varsity Soccer – Roster of 23 players, comprised of juniors and senior.   First game is Monday, August 22, with a pasta party the night before. 

Boys Sophomore Soccer - roster not finalized

Girls Varsity Golf – Off to strong start with both the team (score of 305) and Emma Vickery breaking school records. 

Athletic Director’s Report

·         Cross country team has 66 girls and 62 boys

·         Some of the girls volleyball and tennis rosters are still being set

·         Boys Soccer - high numbers across the board

·         Football Schedules – football number unevenness will cause GBN to play different schools each weekend.  GBN football numbers down. 

·         New Girls Varsity volleyball coach – Tiffany Kim moved to Varsity from sophomore, Chris Cooper still head Boy’s volleyball coach

·         A third athletic trainer, Ryan Moran, was hired.

·         The field house floor was damaged. Insurance covered new floor installation. 

·         The District purchased a new swimming scoreboard.  The scoreboard arrived today and installation will start next week.  A new baseball scoreboard is needed, stopped working end of last season.

·         CSL Conference – The conference had its first realignment in thirty years. Waukegan left and Vernon Hills joined GBN in the small side division.  AD Task Force working on ways to create a competitive balance among the schools.

·         New CSL Conference Hate Speech Protocol will be implemented.  Stoppage in play will occur if gender, ethnicity, racist, sexual orientation addressed on the field.

·         Jamboree – A new freshman only section was added (5:30pm – 6:00pm), so AD addressing freshman separately.  Asked meeting attendees for ideas to include in his freshman presentation. 

·         Schedules – vast majority complete for the fall.  Usually lower level sports have the most changes.