Booster Club Meeting Minutes – February 6, 2017

Susan Fraser opened the meeting at 7:03pm. 

Meeting Attendees:

Anna Amen, Susan Fraser, Russell Rosenberg,  Carolyn Spero, Jennifer Kieffer, Sherri Rosenberg, Tiffany Kosla, Tiffany Sybert, Jennifer Kieffer, Matt Purdy, John Catalano, Brian Sullivan, Eileen Clark, Angela Mitter, James Williams

President's Report – There are open Booster Board positions next year, contact Susan Fraser if interested in joining the Board.  The Winter Sports Awards are March 2 and the Senior Sports Banquet is June 1.

Kristine Schwander spoke about the Glenbrook High School Foundation which raises funds for students at GBN and GBS.  Funds are used for Teacher Innovation Grants, covering Chrome books for low income families, as well as other financial needs. The Foundation’s annual fundraiser is a dinner at GBS held before the musical, Fiddler on the Roof.  The ticket price includes the dinner as well as a prime seat for the show. The Booster Club purchases two dinner tickets which are placed in the Booster Bash silent auction.

Treasurer’s Report – The Club is doing well, right on target. A wish list payment will be made for 9 cheerleading mats, a skill mat for gymnastics, a Real Runner for wrestling and 2 exercise bikes for the training room. The final turf payment for $50,000 will be made shortly, for a total of $250,000 donated by the Booster Club.

Membership Report  -  One new membership in January, membership levels in line with past year’s numbers.

SpartanWear Report –  new t-shirt being revealed at the Incoming Freshman Activity Night on Thursday. All activity tables will be in the Field House this year.

Yard Sign Report –  Still having issues with website pricing. $8,000 in sales this year, expecting $1,500-$2,000 in Spring Sales.  Looking for a new Yard Sign chair, Brian Sullivan retiring after this school year.

Concessions –  GBN is hosting Girls Basketball Regionals, 7pm Monday, two games Tuesday and one game Friday night. Also hosting Girls Swimming Sectionals on Saturday, February 18.  May need volunteers to help staff concessions.

Booster Bash  - Post card invitations were emailed last week.  Invitations were also mailed to incoming freshman parents. Tickets available online at the or at the door. Raffle tickets can also be purchased online.  Posters have also been placed in local businesses, the train station, library, etc.  Still seeking donations.

Team Rep Liaison – Russell thanked the reps for reading the materials handed out at the beginning of the season.

Team Reports

Varsity Boys Basketball – 10-12

JV – 3-2

Sophomore Basketball –  11-5

Boys Freshman B Basketball – 12-6, some players shifted to A.  Pasta party this Thursday. Having difficulty getting volunteers for pasta parties and concessions. General discussion about lack of volunteering with concessions.

Girls Varsity Basketball – 7-13 Host Regionals next week.  Play Proser Monday, if win play GBS Tuesday night.

JV Girls Basketball –  About 500, last game is Friday.

Freshman A Girls Basketball –  14-4, beat New Trier today, last game is Friday

Varsity Cheerleading – Won Conference went on to Sectionals.  Had a great group supporting them at Sectionals. Girls had a great season.

JV Cheerleading– Placed 2nd in Conference, lost by less than one point!  Placed 6th at Oak Forest Competition and 9th at Huntley. The girls had a great season and took the bus to support Varsity at Sectionals.

Freshman Cheerleading – They are winding down their season, Friday is the last game.

Gymnastics – At Sectionals tonight

Bowling –  Went downstate, one qualified for the final day.  All starters returning next year.

Girls Bowling – 14 matches and 3 tournaments.  Only 1 win, but set a team score record this year.  15 girls on the team this year, desire to improve.  6 girls competed at Regionals.

Varsity Wrestling – 4 boys will compete in Sectionals, which is great numbers for the program. 

Boys Swimming -   Conference this week at Maine East for Varsity.

Athletic Director's Report – Peggy Holecek nominated by her peers in the Conference.  Selected as a National Federation Coach for tennis. Only one coach per sport. 16th coach to win from Illinois in the history of the program. 

Associate Principal search ongoing.

Confirmed with the Treasurer that the Club could make its final turf payment.

Incoming Freshman Night 6pm in the CPA at 6pm.  6:30pm head to Field House.  All the tables will be set up in the Field house versus the school. 

College signing day for 7 seniors.  Another college signing will be held in approximately six weeks.


Susan Fraser adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm.