Booster Club Meeting Minutes – June 5, 2017

Susan Fraser opened the meeting at 5:51 pm

Meeting Attendees:

Susan Fraser, John Fraser, Russell Rosenberg,  Jennifer Kieffer, James Williams,  Tere Neuhausel, Bridget Hughes, Mary Beth Fahrney, Eileen Clarke, Julia Charlesworth, Kirsten Crispin, Marcy Reinfranck, Kathy Burnside, Barbara Malkin, Trish Spengel, Andy Navarro, Julie Warshawsky, Matt Purdy, Deborah Phadnis, Steve Aronson, Mary McCarthy, Anni Goldberg, Lauri Koretz

President's Report –  Susan thanked all the 2016-2017 reps for their time. She also thanked Russell for serving in the new position of Rep Liaison.  $10 Spartan Bucks were given to all reps attending the meeting, as a token of the Board’s appreciation.  The Senior Athletic Banquet was a success, with a record attendance of 115 kids and 200 parents.  This was Andy Navarro’s third year in a row running the event, which all have been successful.  GBN Booster Club gave $3,000 in scholarships this year. 

Susan asked reps for suggestions or comments about the rep position.  An issue raised is gathering parent emails.  Other reps ask the kids for the parents’ email, which has been an effective way to gather the emails.

Susan explained the new Booster Club committee structure.  The committees are: Membership, Booster Bash, Yard Signs, Spirit Wear and Publicity. Commitment is expected to be minimal, sent a sign-up sheet around at the meeting.  Susan is also actively recruiting incoming freshman parents.

Relay for Life is Saturday, June 10.  Booster Club donates food from concession stands that is near expiration to the event.

New online book sale registration was discussed. Beginning July 15, parents can pay school fees, mandatory and optional memberships.  John Catalano discussed the new mandatory night for incoming freshman to pick up Chrome books, IDs and take yearbook photos on August 21 3pm-7pm.  This evening will give incoming freshman parents the opportunity to buy Spirit Wear and sign up for membership.

The Fall Jamboree is scheduled for August 18, 2017.

Treasurer’s Report- Anna collecting the last of the team donations and reimbursing any remaining outstanding expenses. 

Membership Report – Worried about lack of book sale, so please encourage people to join.  Membership levels will be $50, $100 or $200.  $200 plus donations will receive a premium gift.

SpartanWear Report – boxed up the items in the closet, will be moved to the hut.  Next sale will be incoming freshman night. 

Concessions –  All wrapped up for the year, emptying out after Relay for Life.  Jamie Werhane is moving, so looking for new concessions co-chair.   

Athletic Director's Report

Boys volleyball had a great season, lost in the Sectional championship to New Trier. 

Boys lacrosse, beat Evanston and then lost to Lake Forest in the second round of playoffs.  Team was 500 this year, several injuries. No staff changes next year,

Water polo – both teams lost in the Sectionals.  Great improvement second half of the season.  In the next few years, three retiring coaches.

Girls Soccer – great season, lost to Glenbrook South in the Regional, Conference champions.

Girls Track and Field – program has come a long way in five years. Stable staff

Boys Track and Field – won Conference, 4x800 relay 4th at States!

Girls badminton - First time to win Sectional Championship!

Boys Tennis – finished 4th in the State, disappointing finish.  Two boys in quarterfinals, if either one had won, GBN would be state champs.

Boys Gymnastics – sophomore qualified for state meet, solid program, good numbers

Boys Baseball – Two wins in the playoffs, good season

CSL awarded Senior Scholar Athlete to 245 GBN students, requirement is played sport junior and senior year and maintained a 3.0 grade average.  113 GBN students were CSL All-Conference this year. The All-Conference award is voted on by coaches. GBN also had 30 individual state qualifiers and 11/30 teams won Conference.

Overall, John has seen improvement in all 30 athletic programs. Scott Laske, head boys track coach and Jen Mao, head softball coach are stepping down.  Over the next five years, 14-15 coaching spots will open due to retirements.

John selected four freshman teams to participate in a survey regarding their team experience, results were shared with the coaches. Positive feedback, will continue the program in the fall.  65%-70% response rate. 

CSL challenges – over the past three years the 12 schools in the conference have been discussing the disparity in competition.  Currently, South Division is the six largest schools (based on enrollment) and the North Division is the smallest schools. The Athletic Directors voted for an athletic success factor based on team records to be attached to each school, along with an enrollment factor.  Every three years, the schools will be ranked, with the top 6 moving to the South Division.  John is concerned because the factoring will only effect four of the 12 schools.  Large schools like Evanston or New Trier or small schools (Deerfield, Vernon Hills) will never move due to enrollment.  However, GBN and Highland Park (currently in North Division) will be effected. The first movement year will be 2018-2019.   

Upcoming improvements - new tennis courts in the next 2-3 years.  Back gym floors are original, so board approved new floors next year.  Baseball field drainage slated for July and August. 

The creation of the GBN Athletic Hall of Fame, is underway, a large undertaking with 65 years of athletics. Individuals have to be out of school for ten years in order to be eligible for induction.

Susan Fraser adjourned the meeting at 6:47 pm.