Booster Club Meeting – January 8, 2018

Susan Fraser opened the meeting at 7:05 pm  

Meeting Attendees:

Susan Fraser, Tiffany Sybert, Jennifer Kieffer, Anna Amen, John Fraser, Kari Knebelkamp, Tiffany Kosla, David McMillin, Indra Williams, Audrey Waltenburg, Wendy Nichols, James Williams

President's Report

Susan has the banner for senior nights, which she can drop off at your house.  There are balloons, streamers, helium and string in the indoor concession stand.  Please return the banner as soon as possible. 

Thursday, March 1 is the Winter Sports Awards.

Booster Bash is March 3 at Pinstripes.  The event is $50/ticket, and there will be fun raffle and silent auction items.  The committee is working on securing donations for the bash. They are considering pooling team donations and buying bigger ticket items versus several baskets.  If you know anyone who has sporting event tickets that they are willing to donate, please contact Wendy Nichols. 

February 8 at 6pm is the Incoming Freshman Activity Night. This event is held in the field house after a thirty minute presentation in the CPA. Spartanwear will be sold at this event.

Treasurer’s Report – Anna distributed an income statement. Income is down to lower concessions (mostly due to football homecoming rainout, one less home game and no playoff game) and the baseball scoreboard payment.

Membership Report – No report

Spartanwear Report – Next sale is February 8 at the Freshman Activities Night.  Sold out the special Spartanwear hats!

Concessions – running smoothly for basketball

Yard Sign Report – No report

Publicity – On Mark’s behalf, Susan thanked the wrestling team for sending photos.

Team Reports:

Varsity Wrestling – Doing well at all their Invites, strong season.  Boys doing activities on their own, paintball, etc, so not organizing pasta parties.

JV Wrestling – tied Maine West, 6 upcoming events

Boys Swimming – Varsity 2-2, GBN hosting the Hinsdale Invite for them because Hinsdale can’t dive in their pool.

Diving – placed 8 out of 35 divers, highest placement ever.

 Boys Varsity Basketball – Played in the Hinsdale tournament, 10-4, play tomorrow night at Highland Park

Boys JV Basketball – 5-4

Boys Freshman A Basketball – 7-4

Boys Freshman B – 6-4

Girls Varsity Basketball – tournament over the holidays, won one of four games. 7-7

Girls JV Basketball – 9-2, home game tomorrow, away game Friday.  Three pasta parties to date, one more scheduled.

Freshman A Girls Basketball – 5-2

Freshman B Girls Basketball – 7-3

Varsity Cheer – Had their pizza party Thursday before break, conference competition is Thursday and another competition Sunday.

JV Cheer - 3rd, 4th Stevenson Invite, all level pizza party.  CSL Conference, Niles West and Huntley Invites. 

Girls Bowling – 4-1, beat Loyola for the first time!

Boys Bowling –  Varsity 16-1, won Conference.  New Trier hosting Regionals this weekend.  JV also strong record. 

Varsity Girls Gymnastics – 2-1, 3rd out of 9th at GBN Invite and 4th out of 12 at another Invite.

Girls JV Gymnastics – 2-1 4th out of 11 teams at Niles West Invite

Girls Freshman Gymnastics – 2-1

Athletic Director's Report

Discussed converting the small gyms to a more flexible gym space.  Working on designs for the new tennis courts. The District provides a set amount, if GBN wants to expand the remodeling project needs to provide the funds. John may try to fundraise within the tennis community or ask Booster Club for additional funds.


Susan adjourned the meeting at 7:42pm.