Booster Club Meeting – March 12, 2018

Susan Fraser opened the meeting at 7:04 pm

Meeting Attendees:

Susan Fraser, Tiffany Sybert, Jennifer Kieffer, Kari Knebelkamp, John Fraser, David McMillin, Greg Pleszkun, Anna Amen, James Williams, Tere Neuhausel, John Catalano, Kerry Stinchcomb, Jen Falk, Lori Spencer, Lissa Silver. Sue Corfield, Leslie Herbst, Bonnie, later arrival (short brown wavy hair)

President's Report

Booster Bash was a great success, over 250 attendees and are co-chairs are returning for next year!
Susan will be sending spring team rep info out via email.  We are asking spring reps to collect $5 for the booster membership plus an additional $5 for a Booster Bash donation.  Also reminded reps to collect for coachs’ gift.

Tuesday, May 29 Spring Sports Award.  Thursday May 31 Senior Sports Awards.

Treasurer’s Report – Financial statements do not include Booster Bash proceeds. Income down a little due to baseball scoreboard purchase.

Membership Report  - numbers were good this year, even without the on site Book Sale.  Asked people to promote membership for spring sports. Membership rates will stay the same for 2018-2019.

Spartanwear Report – may send an email to incoming 8th graders regarding Spartanwear sales for 8th grade graduation gifts, Spartan chocolate bar and yard signs.

Concessions – new refrigerator in the swimming area, fully stocked for water polo. Call Susan Fraser if you have any questions regarding the concession stands.

Yard Sign Report –  delivered several yesterday, caught up with orders

Publicity – Facebook page has been a great success, send Mark Spencer if they have any information about varsity athletes.

Booster Bash -  250 attendees

Team Reports

Boys Baseball – first games scheduled for this week, varsity going to Tennessee for spring break

Boys Lacrosse – games start this week

Boys Gymnastics – 1-1, 35 kids in the program, strong numbers

Boys Volleyball – teams rostered

Boys Water Polo – Varsity placed 2nd in a tournament, five games this week.  34 kids in the program, three teams

Girls Lacrosse – game on Friday, pizza party and senior night scheduled

Girls Soccer – pizza party today, games later this week

Girls Water Polo – 2-1 Varsity

Girls Softball – team pizza party last week, games are to start later this week

 Athletic Director's Report

Teams are flexible practicing inside and outdoors due to weather conditions.  Spring numbers, in general, are good. Girls sport numbers are down. 

Changing door entrances and exits for safety reasons. Heritage Security will be hired after spring break to provide security. March 14 walkout, faculty meeting today regarding the procedures if students choose to walk out.

Tennis courts will be torn up starting May 14, about a dozen parking spots will be lost.  The courts should be done by August 1.  The back gyms are being redone, so the wall can come down between the two middle gyms.  This project will also start May 14, scheduled to be completed by August 14.

Maple Junior High construction starts in April.  A temporary parking lot will be close to the high school baseball right field for the 18 month construction project. 

School is starting at the same time for 2018-2019, because not financially feasible to break the bus contract.



Susan adjourned the meeting at 7:45 pm.