August 15, 2018

Booster Club Meeting Minutes

Lori and Mark Spencer opened the meeting at 7:07pm

Meeting Attendees:

Lori Spencer, Mark Spencer, Beth Gavin Pearson, Julie Henry, Mary Beth Fahrney, Janice Larson, David MacMillin, Heather Wilensky, Tiffany Sybert, John Catalano, Paul Vignocchi, Matt Purdy.

Attendees introduced themselves and their respective roles:

·         Beth – Treasurer

·         Mary Beth – Jamboree

·         Julie - Secretary

·         Janice – Party boxes

·         Dave – Yard Signs

·         Tiffany – Team Representatives and Spartanwear

·         Heather - Spartanwear

·         Matt, Paul, John GBN Athletics

Booster club board members have kids in Cross Country, Track, Soccer, Baseball, Swimming, Water Polo, Wrestling, Lacrosse and Football and more.  For a complete list of Booster Board representatives find the link at WWW.GBNBOOSTER.ORG. 



Meeting dates have been emailed for booster club to be held on the second Wednesday of each month in the green and gold room (near the bookstore).  Next booster club meeting is September 12.

·         August 15

·         September 12

·         October 10

·         November 14

·         December 12

·         January 9

·         February 13

·         March 13

·         April 10

·         May 10

Fall Jamboree is set for Friday August 17 beginning at 5 pm.  Monday August 20 is the main Freshman event.  Fall team representatives are 80% established with volunteers and the information packets are to be delivered by Tiffany and Susan who are taking over that responsibility from the president this year. 

Ä       If anyone has updates to the process and procedures in the information packets, please provide input to Tiffany or Susan to make the transition from year to year more effective.

Website updating has historically been handled by Robin and Norm, however some permissions have been given to Lori and Mark to allow certain website edits.

Ä       Each rep is to review their tab and let Lori and Mark know of any changes needed. 


Ä       Committee Chairs are asked to keep detailed notes about the job throughout the year, so they may pass these onto future Chairs. If a notebook already exists, please update it as needed with current info and procedures.  This will help ensure smooth transitions.



Waiting on an invoice for spiritwear to be paid after a formal meeting with former treasurer on Saturday August 17th.  Past bills to be paid will also be reviewed and brought up to date. 

Ä       Tiffany would like to get a formal procedure for handling cash and cash deposits.  Beth will determine the best method for tracking cash collection and deposits and let anyone dealing with cash know the options available for ease and tracking.



Report was given by Lori on behalf of Cathy Burnham.

The packets, letters, tags and tumblers have been assembled.  At the Friday jamboree, names of those who have signed up for membership will be available, and membership forms will be available for those who want to sign up.  Packets will be given out beginning Monday at the Freshman event in the main gym lobby as well as at the first football games. 


There are some leftover ponchos (15) and stadium chairs (3 boxes) from previous years’ gold gifts that could be offered as an alternate gift or sold with Spartanwear.  Exact pricing is to be determined, but for the chairs it was discussed to start at $50.  It was decided to sell the ponchos and chairs and not offer them as alternative Gold member gifts.



The officially sponsored football team dinners have been organized and dates have been set and communicated via email.  Independently sponsored team dinners can be organized as well if coordinated with the team rep.  

Ä       It was suggested that our food choice vendors giving GBN friendly discounts should be recognized.  Ideas for a plaque or framed team photo would be a nice gift to the community partners from GBN. 


The bulk of the team reps have been assigned with just a few outstanding spots to fill. 



A vintage look has inspired the Spartanwear look.  A Shermerville 60062 hat and Ferris Bueller Shirt are new ideas on the history of Northbrook.  Spiritwear will be sold during the upcoming events and at various points throughout the school year, but not ‘online’.  There may be items left that are advertised in email correspondence.  Monday volunteers for the sale can contact Tiffany.

Ä       Perhaps the Spartanwear would be of interest to the educational foundation to have available for class reunions.  Ideas to celebrate the past include the students making banners for the school tour of reunion groups. 



Everything is set for the Jamboree, just need to verify propane in the tank for the grill and get the cash box.  Coaches are going to remind kids to bring money to the event. 



Of the 13 signs orders recently, 10 have been picked up which is very helpful.  No real deadline of ordering, but as the current backlog has been fulfilled new orders are welcome.  Lots of supplies on hand to create the yard signs. 

Ä       Order form hard copy to be provided for the Spriritwear sales teams to direct anyone that may want one.  Dave will bring a sample for Friday to show the product.



There are 5 boxes of supplies on hand to create the party boxes. 

Ä       Need to get a reimbursement form for additional expenses



“Constant Contact” is the preferred method of email blasts, but we cannot use that until we get all of the email addresses from the membership sign up.  Working on the twitter feed usage.  John can use the all school blast to all parents or even segment by Freshman/Sophomore etc. if needed. 


The Northbrook Star has seemingly stopped running most of the Northbrook sport stories.  The Daily Northshore is not free anymore and really covers only Northshore – not including Glenbrook.  We have the Northbrook Tower newspaper as a partner and we want to see them succeed as they are really the only one covering Northbrook sports.  A suggestion to take out ads to support the paper was well received.  We could advertise conference wins, CSL Scholars and other award winners and booster bash.  Ads are about $350. 

Ä       Make sure everyone likes and shares the Booster Club Facebook page. 


CONCESSIONS REPORT:Opening remarks from John announcing that the concession stand had passed the safety inspection for 2018/19. 



Tryout numbers were healthy and some sports still need to cut players to make the team numbers fit.  Most of the coach positions are filled except for Water polo, Girls soccer and an assistant wrestling coach.  All of which are expected to be filled well in advance of the season starting. 


New ids on GREEN lanyards for all staff are to be worn whenever in the building.  It will also act as a FOB to enter the building.  Visitors will also be required to submit their drivers license upon entering the building after signing in and wear a RED lanyard id tag while in the building.  They can pick up the driver’s license upon exiting and to check out of the building. 


A District wide security chief has been hired.  He was formerly the commander from the Northbrook police department.  He will oversee and recommend security practices. 


Construction is in good shape where the painting and carpets are in.  The tennis courts are to be done by Wednesday August 22 - minus the 10-foot logo painting which needs good weather and no traffic so may even be done over Labor Day weekend.  The back gyms are looking great.  Gym 108 is complete.  Gym 104 and 106 is 90% done and scheduled for Monday 8/20 completion of the wall mats, speakers and bleachers.  The gymnastics area is waiting on wall mats and anchors in the floor which is also set for 8/20 completion. These gyms can handle a range of sports, basketball, volleyball, wrestling, gymnastics etc.  The adjustable lights are smart and automatic.  There is a curtain divider that can separate full court basketball and volleyball.





The meeting was adjourned at 7:20. The next meeting is scheduled for September 12 at GBN in the Green and Gold room. 


Julie Henry, Secretary