SEPTEMBER 12, 2018


Lori and Mark Spencer opened the meeting at 7:05pm

Meeting Attendees:

Board Members: Lori Spencer, Mark Spencer, David MacMillin, Eileen Clarke, Janice Larson, Cathy Burnham, Beth Gavin Pearson, Lissa Silver, Mary Beth Fahrney, Tiffany Sybert, Julie Henry, Greg Pleszkun, John Catalano and Paul Vignocchi

Team Reps and Guests: Diane Kurtz, Heather Remien, Jojo Hebl, Maureen Kogen, Heather Cole, Debbie Sandlow, James Williams, Yoonjung Kim and Jun Choi



Attendees introduced themselves and their respective roles.

The Jamboree, Welcome Event and first 2 football games were all a success - including the membership sign ups and Spartanwear sales as well as attendance and concessions.




There is an updated reimbursement form, please make sure you are using the current 2018 form.  For any donations please indicate the category for accurate documentation. 

A few initial up-front costs for Spartanwear and Concessions have been made to stock the items needed to sell.  All bills are being paid and income is being received for start of school year costs. 




Please sign in to make sure you are included as an attendee.  Minutes are typically updated on the web within 2 weeks of the previous meeting. 



There are 584 members at this time.  There are 4 different sources of the membership list to coordinate from GBN e-funds online, Booster Club online, forms that were mailed in and manual sign ups.  Most of the membership packets have been distributed and looking to distribute about 100 that are not yet picked up.  A sign will be placed at the ticket counter at sporting events as well as a form to sign up if not already a member.

Ä       Team representatives should continue to promote signing up and send a reminder to pick up the packet from Cathy. 



Great success this year, but changes for next year may include doing it on a day with practice so more team members attend. 



Text or email Greg Pleszkun if you run out of any goods.  There were lots of sales at the football games even with a rain out on the first night.  The basketball concession area is getting some housekeeping to tidy up the area.  The microwave is now working and there are 2 new grills (with full propane tanks) in the courtyard so we do not need to move grills to different areas.



Cross Country –Good participation turnout, up about 10 from last year with approximately 140 runners.  Varsity Girls placed 8th out of 22.  GBN’s top runner placed 9th out of 140 runners.  Varsity Boys placed 11th out of 20 and JV competed well too. 

Upcoming events: September 15th @Warren,  September 22nd @ Hoffman Estates and September 29th @ Peoria!


Girls Tennis – GBS quad invite 2nd place of 4 teams.  Very competitive spirit!  Record to date - 2 wins and 5 loses. 

Upcoming events: Frosh Invite @GBN on September 15th and 4 meets after to finish the season.


Boys Golf – Hersey score 308 in 3rd place Kogen 74/7th, Plasota 75/9th, Tyler 76.  Prospect/Evanston Plasota 73, Brayden 74, Kogen 79.  GBN 148 vs Niles West 177.  Fremd Invite 324 tied 3rd.  Buffalo Grove 298 4th place.  Deerfield 153 to 157, Deerfield Invite 312 6th place Kogen 74/9th. 


Girls Swimming – Record to date 2 wins for relay and green/gold meet.  Nya Robinson 1st overall in lake forest meet for 50 and 100 free. 

Upcoming events: September 14th and 15th.


Girls Golf Varsity – Conant invite 4th place of 13 teams.  Libertyville invite 2nd place, Ashley Choi 3rd place.  Frembrook tournament, Ashley Choi individual medalist 1st.  

Upcoming events: Glenbrook Cup, CSL conference and IHSA Sectional.


Girls Golf JV – Record to date 3 wins and 4 losses.  Glenbrook South Invite – 2nd place.  Kathryn Cruz 3rd, Julia Velquez 6th place.  Highlight this season we beat New Trier by 7 strokes and JV2 ties with New Trier.  Pink Ball Scramble Alana Gertz won longest drive, Jamie Lidington won the closest to the pin. 

Upcoming events: CSL Conference Invite and Pink Ball Scramble with GBS.


Boys Soccer Soph – Record to date 1 win, 1 loss and 1 tie.  Team dinners are an excellent bonding time!


Varsity Football – Record to date 2 wins and 1 loss. Wheeling away opener 34-13.  Grant home game 42-19.  Hoffman Estates home game 14-42. 

Upcoming events:  Every Friday!  Home games 9/28, 10/12 and 10/19. 


JV Football – Record to date 1 win, 1 tie and 1 loss.  Huntley home game 7-14.  Grant home game 20-0.  Hoffman Estates 26-26. 

Upcoming events: Every Saturday!  Home games 9/29 and 10/13. No homecoming weekend game.


Frosh Football – Record to date 3 wins!  Wheeling away game 19-0.  Grant home game 26-0.  Hoffman Estates home game 31-8.  Only allowed 1 touchdown in first 3 games!! 

Upcoming events:  Every Friday before Varsity.  Home games 9/28, 10/12 and 10/19.



Most of the orders have been filled and picked up.  Special recognition to JAMES THE SUPERFAN was given in the form of a custom yard sign.  Thank you James Williams for all of your amazing efforts with concessions and school involvement.



Plans to sell Spartanwear during lunch blocks and at Shermerfest. 



Reminder that there are team party boxes full of supplies for each team rep to pick up.  The party boxes hold plates, napkins, table cloths, utensils and cups for team season kick off party.  Pick up your party box from Janice Larson and have a party.



The Booster Bash will be held Saturday March 9, 2019 at Joe’s Live in Rosemont.  There will be a band in the facility that will be playing in the main area while a private upstairs area will be available for up to 300 people.  The auction will be a great fundraiser!  The cost will be similar to past years. 



The Senior Sports Banquet will be held in the spring for all senior athletes at Allgauer’s Hilton on May 30.  Fall and winter sports reps should let their teams know the date.  Spring sports awards night will be May 28 and graduation will be June 2.



Reminder to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to publish and promote all teams!



Positive feedback on fall sports programs with happy kids and great numbers for the teams, numbers are up from last year.  Coaches are sharing positive reports. 

The gyms have minor details to finish.  It is very easy to move the comfortable bleachers for north/south gym and east/west gym dividers.  The space has really improved how we do things and opens us up to more activities like regional matches.  The new intuitive led lighting is a big difference.  Plans are now approved to use the same technology for the swimming pool lights after May 15, as well as other upgrades to the pool area as it is 16-17 years old.

The bubbles on the tennis courts will wash away which is just a product of the installation.  Kids love the new courts.  The green and blue colors on the courts are USTA brand.  Seating for up to 300 people has been approved and ordered to install in phases. 


The meeting was adjourned at 7:58pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for October 10 at GBN in the Green and Gold room at GBN at 7pm.


Julie Henry, Secretary