December 12, 2018


Lori and Mark Spencer opened the meeting at 7:05pm

Meeting Attendees:

Board Members: Lori Spencer, Mark Spencer, Beth Gavin-Pearson, Tiffany Sybert, Greg Pleszkun, Cathy Burnham, Heather Wilensky, Julie Henry, Dave MacMillin, Mary Beth Fahrney, John Catalano

Team Reps and Guests:  Amy Alcorn, Tiffany Kosla, Indra Williams, Susan Zera, Mara Torf, Sharon Latek, Mel Kapecki, Ken Traub, James Williams, John Gilchrist, Claire Bernstein. 



The meeting was opened by welcoming new participants and followed by introductions of the new winter team representatives.



Team representatives can start collecting winter team funds if they have not already and give it to Beth.  There are forms on for deposits and reimbursements and deposits can be securely dropped in the mail slot at Beth’s home.    



New winter team representatives are being finalized and all new email addresses will be added to the meeting reminder distribution list, sent with the team result form.  The form can certainly be filled out and brought to the meetings in a hard copy, but an electronic copy emailed is preferred if possible. 



There are approximately 613 booster club members to date.  Representatives will plan to be at the next girls basketball game to get members to sign up vs paying at each game.



Lori reported on behalf of the Booster Bash.  It will be held Saturday March 9, 2019 at Joe’s Live in Rosemont.  The first hour will be downstairs, then we have the upstairs for 3 hours reserved just for our party.  There will be a photo booth and a band named RON BURGUNDY’s with songs and sounds of the 80’s.  Hotel reservations are available with a brunch voucher at Bub City.



There will be a spring JAMBOREE, geared mostly towards the freshman.  The date has been set as March 1st.    



Save Ferris shirts are all SOLD!  New Pompom fleece lined GBN hats, zip hoodies and a girls style zip hoodie are available.  The representatives will be available at the next home boys’ basketball game with the full Spartanwear available.  John will set up tables for the events.  Reminder to buy for Holiday gifts!


It was discussed that other school teams seemed to have full coordinating uniforms and we did not in all cases.  In general, it is up to the coaches to order or suggest spirit packs or uniforms and priorities may have shifted with the changes in staff. 



Susan offered a welcome sheet and a frequently asked questions guideline for the team reps.  Reminder to be the ambassador and liaison between the coach, the parents and the kids if needed. 



We have orders for 20 signs and only supplies for 15.  The new supplies are on order and should be arriving any day.  Work can be completed indoors to finish the signs for the existing orders after supplies are in. 



Party boxes are available, Janice distributed a list of who has and has not picked up the supplies. 



Reminder to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to publish and promote all teams!  Send pictures of varsity teams and senior nights.  Use of Facebook and Twitter are available methods or social media.  We rely on content submission to Mark.



John was able to discuss the incident at the school regarding social media offensive remarks. In general, our kids at GBN are respectful and understand that this was situation was not acceptable.  The school and the police were involved to address the issue. 


There have been several coaching jobs that have opened for applications.  Some have been filled, but openings for water polo and varsity football have materialized.  In addition, the head trainer Tom O’Connell is retiring.  GBN is keeping 3 trainers.  All of these positions will be filled through the internal ranks or other outside applicants.   



Girls Bowling:  No report as of yet.


Boys Bowling:  For the second time in GBN history a player has achieved a perfect score of 300!!  JV eliminator GBN took 3rd of 200.  All of the player donations are collected.  They have done a pizza party and plan for a Portillos party.


Track:  Has not started


Boys Basketball:

Sophomore:  RECORD TO DATE: _4__ WINS        3__ LOSSES. 

JV:  RECORD TO DATE 1___ WINS             1__ LOSSES.  Next game 9:30 at Deerfield on Saturday 12/15

Varsity:  RECORD TO DATE 5___ WINS   3__ LOSSES.  Net game 7:30 @ Deerfield Friday 12/14.  Hinsdale Central Holiday Classic 12/26-29


Varsity Swimming and Diving:

Boys:  RECORD TO DATE: 0___ WINS      2__ LOSSES

Team lost by 1 point to Lyons Township, which has consistently been a top tier swimming program.  The Team was also defeated by GBS which has one of the best teams in the state this year.   Ryan Purdy set a school record in 200 IM against GBS and Ryan Cohn won the diving competition.  Team had its first pasta/pizza party last week so thank you to booster club.   The new coach, Jared Schroeder, has done a great job preparing the kids and all have adapted quickly after the departure of Coach Ziemke.  Next meet is 12/14 @ Maine West



RECORD TO DATE: Varsity 1/1 and JV 2/0.

Varsity competed at 2 invites.  Good start but have some injuries.  Spartan Classic last week went well.  JV invite this weekend at Niles West and 2 more meets before break. 



Freshman:  Collected money from the players.  The did a tie-dye party and a pasta party.

JV:  All level showcase went well.  Placed 9/13 in the Stevenson competition. 

Varsity:  All level showcase went well.  Placed 13/15 in the Stevenson competition. 


Freshman Wrestling:

Wins: 4

Losses: 1

Ties: 0

One meet n/a - did not score meet 

There will be an event in the CPA for donations to go to the Coach Reba Foundation.  The event will take place Thursday December 20 and a flyer will be sent out. 


Girls Basketball:

Freshman RECORD TO DATE: 8___ WINS              2__ LOSSES

The team has been working well together and having fun.  There are only 6 girls on the team.  The first pasta party is 12/13 and the girls are really excited about it!.  Next game against Deerfield is at home 12/14.

JV:  RECORD TO DATE: 4___ WINS           7__ LOSSES

Varsity: RECORD TO DATE: 2___ WINS   10__ LOSSES


Julie Henry, Secretary