Glenbrook North Booster Club

February 8, 2016 Meeting Minutes

In attendance:  Russell & Esther Rosenberg, Lauri Kaplan, Marty Albert, John Catalano, Tiffany Sybert, Brian Sullivan, Beth Johnson, Amy Oberholtzer, Anne Wilson, Ron and Anna Amen, Indra Williams, Paul Vignocchi,

Marcy Just, Joy Bruckman, Robin Bear, Matt Purdy


Meeting called to order 7:05 p.m.


President’s Report: (Russell & Esther)
Team season ending parties/senior banner: 
Senior Banner needs to be signed out from Russell. We have a few now so should not have any overlap. 

Upcoming Events: Winter Sports awards: Thursday, March 3, 2016
                                Booster Bash at Pinstripes, Saturday, March 5, 2016.
                                Senior Athletic Banquet at Northbrook Hilton - Thursday, June 2nd, 2016

Incoming freshman night - set up a table in the main gym for booster club - have sticker, yard sign, have membership forms. We plan to have a presence to bring knowledge of booster club to the incoming parents. 


Save the Date for the Glenbrook Foundation Dinner Theater Benefit featuring the musical AIDA – Saturday, April 30th.

Bash (Robin and Russell) - invites went in the mail saved $800 - they were free to send out. 
Another email going out soon. We are pushing a new category this year - “friend of the bash” for $250 - make $120 each time. They get 2 tickets and a raffle ticket. We have been passing out save the date cards at basketball games. Also announcing the Bash at games. John is passing out to all the coaches. Same as last year in terms of number of tickets purchased to date. We have had 2 bash meetings - thank you to athletic office for use of your conference rooms. We have the past donor list and we have broken it up by shopping centers and all have been taken. The team basket idea has been going well. Does not have to be team/sport related. Baskets are to be dropped off at Tiffany’s or Tere’s. Robin will make up cards so people know who donated the baskets. Still working on some live auction items. Have a few sets of tickets. 

Treasurer’s Report: Marty
behind $7400 in net income from last year but behind on getting money from teams. Have a few deposits just given.

Membership Report: Anna & Ron
- no new members in January.

Secretary Report: (Lauri)
Please sign the attendance sheet before you leave. It is very helpful if you can email in your report before each meeting. There will be blank report forms available for anyone who needs one at every meeting. Minutes will be posted on our website once approved. Please note meeting in May is May 9th not May 2nd as on website. 

Spartanwear: (Joy &Tiffany) - selling 2/25 incoming freshman activity night. We are going to be in main gym lobby. Athletics is in gym. Numbers are down a bit – feeder program has been selling Spartan wear so junior high boys have not been buying as in past years.


Yard Signs: (Brian) - status quo. Topic of raising prices - discussion and vote - leave membership prices the same as this year? idea to raise price of initial plaque & 1 stake by $5 for members and $10 for non-members, leave stakes the same? – Decided on leaving prices the same for members $30 for plaque and 1 stake, each additional stake $15, and raising Non members - $40 for plaque and 1 stake, each additional stake $20



Concessions: no report -
     Discussion from floor –During GBN Games if people are coming up to concession stand and do not have a ticket tell them to see one of the athletic directors. For the MLK feeder tournament - only feeder families are supposed work it. We do make a little $$ after expenses. Need to discuss with Lidskin going forward how to plan and make sure it is staffed. 2 weeks before tournament Scott sends John a schedule of games, then feeder parent volunteer’s sign up for slots. This year fell short due to games scheduled at same time so reached out to booster club Monday am in an emergency. 



Winter Sports:


Boys Basketball:

Varsity – 13 wins, 9 losses, a few double OT games, Senior night is 2/19, turned in team $ tonight. GBN hosting CSL regional - 2/29, 3/1 and championship 3/4.

Jr. Varsity – 4 - 3
Sophomore –
8 - 8
Freshman A –
13- 6
Freshman B –
16 - 3

Girls Basketball:

Varsity – 7-16, beat HP and Maine east, very fun games, senior night this Friday
Jr. Varsity
- 4-8

Sophomore – 6-10 
Freshman A: 17 and 2 - Team is still playing well and having a great time. We lost contests to Lakes Community and Maine West. Both games were close and very disappointing to lose. We have only one game left - playing Maine East on Thursday, February 11.
Freshman B - 11-6


Varsity: the varsity cheer team did not score well in their competitions. The team suffered many injuries and personal issues during the season. There are no more competitions this season. Have been cheering at basketball games, have senior night this month. We are putting together a basket for the bash. 

Boys Swimming/Diving:
senior night was last Friday. This weekend - Conference Saturday 2/13, JV is Friday; Sectionals will be at GBS in 2 weeks. Freshman took 6th place at CSL invite this past weekend.


Boys Bowling - Our season has ended.

Varsity:  17-3 new school record, Took 2nd Place in conference. 981 points per game, highest in school history.

JV – 15 – 5, took first in conference, 819 points per game – also highest in school history.

Team is putting a basket together for bash. 

Girls Bowling:
Varsity – there are 13 kids in program, 4 seniors, still growing.
JV -not won yet. 

Girls Gymnastics:

Varsity – won conference, came in 2nd in regional, advanced to sectionals which are tomorrow

JV - was undefeated and won conference

Freshman – 4 -2, won conference






Varsity - one boy advanced to sectionals this weekend in Barrington, 3 kids in 3rd place match but did not advance. We have a young team so next year should be good
Freshman: finished the season with an 11- 7
dual meet record. 2 boys csl conference champions. The boys finished 2nd at the 14 team Woodstock. Will be having our team party 5:30 in the cafeteria prior to the Winter Sports Awards Night on Thursday, March 3rd.  We are very excited about this group and the future of the program.



Athletic Director’s Report:

·         Chris cooper has stepped down as head girls volleyball coach, staying on as boys head coach. 
We are looking for a new coach however only have a few teaching positions for next year - put word out. This is a very recent announcement.

·         Field house floor - was damaged in an maintenance accident. – it needs to be repaired. so will lose the field house this summer - needs a new floor. 

·         We are hosting regional’s boys basketball 2/29, 3/1(6:00 and 8:00) and Friday march 4th (7:00) championship regional. 

·         CSL leadership conference Monday the 7th at GBS. 

·         Wish List: started years ago as a supplement to the general athletic budget. It goes to all sports. 
Athletic Directors turn in a list and booster exec board approves what they feel is needed. Coaches turn in a wish list and the athletic directors create a main list for the board to approve. Some sports need more than others. The list of what Booster Club has purchased is posted on the Booster Club website. Passed out the list from last few years and the working draft for next year. Booster club fundraises for a lot of this list. In addition to the turf, dugouts, bathrooms in stadiums etc. 
The Booster Executive Board gave them a budget and they work very hard to stay within.


The next booster bash meeting is next Tuesday the 16th


Motion to Adjourn: 8:20 – Marcy and Marty

Next month’s meeting will be on Monday, March 14h at 7:00 p.m.

In the Green and Gold Conference Room.



Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Kaplan