Glenbrook North Booster Club
Meeting Minutes January 4th, 2016

In attendance:  Russell & Esther Rosenberg, Lauri Kaplan, Marty Albert, John Catalano, Tiffany Sybert, Brian Sullivan, Beth Johnson, Amy Oberholtzer, Anne Wilson, Heidi Ulrich, James Williams, Shilpa Baxamusa, Indra Williams, Paul Vignocchi


Meeting Call to Order 7:00 p.m.

President’s Report:    Russell & Esther
    The Booster Club is still doing the 50/50 half court shot at half time basketball game (where we pull a ticket and that person takes the half court shot and if they make it they win ½ the pot). The Spartan Spirit squad is now selling the tickets. At of season we will split the money with the spirit squad.


Upcoming Events:   Winter Sports Awards Night - Thursday, March 3, 2016

        Booster Bash at Pinstripes, Saturday, March 5, 2016.


    We still need volunteers for the bash committee. This is our biggest fundraiser for the club, outside of membership. Need to assign tasks and get to work. This year we would like to have each team create a basket to donate for the silent auction, can do an all squad or by level. We also are having a Gold Sponsorship for $250 - will include 2 tickets and a super raffle ticket. Thank you to freshman wrestling for their basket donation. Each sport can come up with whatever theme they want. Trying to have less silent auction items with more value. Quality vs. Quantity. Our hope is by having teams donate a basket, it will be another way to build awareness for the bash and increase attendance.

Russell will put a letter together for reps to send to your team parents.

Treasurer’s Report:  (Marty)

Financial statements passed out. $41,000 more than last year on cash position. $22k vs. $28K profit but that's due to more on wish list and a pre pay for senior banquet. Sales up for concessions $3500 from last year. The Super raffle is down, as of this date last year we had $4800, this year $1600 but let’s not forget that Membership is down. Spartanwear was doing great but as of the end of the year (beginning of winter sports) sales down a bit. We are flat compared to last year. Team donations consistent from last year. Yard signs sales are up. Will be paying CSL leadership fee this year - last year was in October this year March. Need Bash to do well. It has generated on average of $20,000 over last 4 years. It is key to minimally price the silent auction correctly and package well


Membership Report:  (Anna & Ron)  
    757 members, 2 new in December, still down vs. last year.


Secretary Report: (Lauri)
    Please sign the attendance sheet before you leave. It is very helpful if you can email in your report before each meeting.  There will be blank report forms available for anyone who needs one at every meeting. Minutes will be posted on our website once approved.


Spartanwear:  (Tiffany) will be selling at incoming freshman athletic and activity night Feb 25th.

Yard Signs:  (Brian) a few new orders. No production due to weather.

Concessions: no report


Website - someone was having credit card issues for yard sign. Also we still have Pryma all over the bash page will update.


Discussion - in past had weekly email note from President - This week’s home games, found it very helpful. Idea that if we do it for next 2 months can put Bash info on it as well.
Winter Sports:

Boys Basketball:
Varsity - 8 wins, 4 losses, next games 1/8 at Maine East and 1/9 at Wheeling
Jr. Varsity – 2 wins, 1 loss

Sophomore – 2 wins, 5 losses

Freshman A – 8 wins and 2 losses

Freshman B – 8 wins and 2 losses

Girls Basketball
Varsity – 4-12

Jr. Varsity - 3-3

Sophomore - 3-5

Freshman A: 9 – 0, since last meeting, team has notched two more victories, one over Waukegan and the other, Maine West. The team is having a great time. We have 2 team dinners scheduled in January and look forward to a busy month of games.

Freshman B - 5 - 3
Nothing since last meeting, lake Zurich invite Saturday the 9th, bison invite the 10th and Huntley on Jan 24

Boys Swimming/Diving:
Varsity and JV are 0-4. We have a few meets coming up. Diving lost vs. Evanston. Took 2nd place in Spartan Spirit Classic. Team unity across different levels.

Our divers have finished 2nd or 3rd in every meet so far (2 divers). We have instagram and twitter accounts, so the parents can follow. Boys are having a lot of fun


Girls Swimming/Diving: nothing since last meeting

Boys Bowling:  Doing well. We have a big match tomorrow Niles - if we sweep the matches we will be up by 1 point. Saturday is conference meet.  This is the first year our bowling teams are part of the CSL conference. Following Saturday Then Sectionals - 11 teams


Girls Bowling:
good numbers, having fun but have not won a match

Girls Gymnastics:

Varsity: 1-1

JV: 2-0

Frosh: 1-1

Varsity: boys have a tough because do not have boys in every weight class; some juniors are doing very well.

Frosh/JV: 8-5. The freshman wrestlers improved over the holiday vacation. The highlight was a 2nd place finish in our dual team tournament. Boys continue to work and improve as our season concludes with the conference tournament on Jan. 30th.

Athletic Director’s Report:  (John Catalano)

Feb 25th is activities and athletics incoming freshman night. Will start in CPA then the kids and parents go around the school. CSL Leadership conference was changed to March from October will be March 7th at GBS. Team coaches nominate (usually we send 28-30) athletes usually sophomores/juniors - about 600 people involved.

We are hosting the boys basketball regional the week of 2/29. In the spring we have been asked to host boys baseball and volleyball. Starting 2016 - 2017 Vernon hills will be in the CSL south. Niles North is moving from south to North.


8:05 Motion to Adjourn:  Amy and Beth


Next month’s meeting will be on Monday, February 8th at 7:00 p.m. in the Green and Gold Conference Room.

Respectfully Submitted,

Lauri Kaplan