Booster Club Meeting Minutes – December 5, 2016

Susan Fraser opened the meeting at 7:04pm. 

Meeting Attendees:

Anna Amen, Susan Fraser, Russell Rosenberg, Indra Williams, Tere Neuhausel, Carolyn Spero, Davy Lakkamsani, Jennifer Kieffer, James Williams, Guy Nickelson,  Heidi Ulrich, Sherri Rosenberg, Tiffany Kosla, Chris Kosla, Spencer Klein, Tiffany Sybert, Brian Sullivan, Marcy Just, John Catalano

President's Report – Susan thanked the Winter Reps for volunteering and to contact her or Russell if they have any questions.

Treasurer’s Report – Financial statements were distributed.  Concessions are up, Spartan Wear up a little, overall doing well.  Considering final turf payment once financial review completed.

Secretary Report – No report

Membership Report  - Still waiting for updated report on membership, numbers appear to be down from last year.  Susan and Russell will encourage winter sport team parents to join. John Catalano pointed out that GBN does not charge admission to sports activities except for basketball and football, so Booster Club membership helps subsidize the admission fees (other schools in our conference do charge for sports other than football and basketball).

SpartanWear Report – Sale during school on an upcoming Thursday and Friday during lunch.  Kids can pay via cash, check or credit card for Spartan Wear.  Medium sized sweat pants just arrived.

Yard Sign Report –  Nearing $8,000 in sales.  A price increase is planned for early 2017, there will be a higher price for non-members.

Concessions –  There is going to be a change to the online basketball concession sign up procedures.  This change will expand distribution to the entire Booster Club, since the basketball teams (especially girls, often have difficulty staffing basketball concessions).

Booster Bash –  Suzanne is still looking for Bash volunteers.  Still figuring out number of baskets to request from each team. 

Team Rep Liaison – No Report

Team Reports

Varsity Boys Basketball - 3-3

Sophomore Basketball – 2-3

Boys Freshman B Basketball – The team is off to a great start with 5 wins, 1 loss.  The first pasta party is scheduled for Friday, December 9.

Girls Varsity Basketball – Waukegan tournament 3-1, lost next three games.  The team has had one pasta party. 

JV Girls Basketball – 2-4, but losses were very close. 

Freshman A Girls Basketball – no wins yet but girls have been missing due to Snowball and soccer tournaments.

Freshman B Girls Basketball – 4-2, losses were against “A” team players.  Pasta party coming up soon, girls having fun. 

 Varsity Cheerleading -first competition, girls placed 7th out of 10 teams

JV Cheerleading– came in 6th  at first competition.  Team party this Thursday

Freshman Cheerleading – Currently cheering for boys and girls basketball

Gymnastics – no report

Bowling – JV boys hosting Spartan Eliminator this weekend, 24 boys teams and 8 girls team.  Varsity 11-0 in the Conference.  4 of the top 6 bowlers in the Conference are on GBN’s Varsity team.

Varsity Wrestling – Quad match last Saturday, program improving, match results were 18-24 (was 0-42 four years ago in same match!)

JV Wrestling – doing well, improving techniques and making progress 0-2

Freshman Wrestling – 4-2

Boys Swimming – Senior swimmer with severe spinal cord injury came to the team party.  T-shirt for sale to raise money for the swimmer’s recovery efforts.  Team rep will ask if shirts can be sold outside the swim program.  First meet against last year’s state champions, quite a mismatch.  Next meet vs GBS this Friday. Sprint Classic for JV on the 10th

Varsity Girls Swim - 5 girls qualified and swam on Saturday, very great accomplishment to get past Friday qualifying round. Relay team and an individual set GBN records.

Athletic Director's Report

Paul Vignocchi won Sectional Coach of the Year, won Illinois Coach of the Year, committee made up of high school soccer coaches and officials.  Now nominated for National Soccer Coach of the Year.  Seth Grossman named to National team. 

Winter sports off to a good start.  Overall numbers in sport team participation is falling.  Working on increasing participation.   Susan Fraser adjourned the meeting at 7:50 pm.

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