Booster Club Meeting – September 11, 2017

Susan Fraser opened the meeting at 7:05 pm. 

Meeting Attendees:

Tere Neuhausel, Deborah Phadnis, Susan Fraser, Tiffany Sybert, Eileen Clarke, Jennifer Kieffer, John Catalano, Traci Kazan, Indra William, Lisa Chron, Kirsten Crispin, Anna Amen, James Williams, David MacMillin, Mary Balaskas, Melissa Bull, Mary Beth Fahrney

President's Report

Team Reps – Reminder that Susan has the signs for Senior Night, she will also arrange balloons, streamers, helium.

Susan will be sending an email with the link to the yard sale signs, because David is caught up and ready to make more.

Booster Club Board discussed purchasing a new baseball stadium scoreboard and asked for comments.  The current board is twenty five years old and has not worked the past few years.  The scoreboard was passed around to meeting attendees.  The Booster Club has sufficient funds to finance this purchase.

November 9 -  Fall Sports Awards

November 10 – Winter Sports Jamboree

Treasurer’s Report – August income statement compiled, still waiting for registration membership funds.

Membership Report – 684 total members, on track with last year.  Will continue to promote membership in winter and spring. 

Spartanwear Report– Off to a good start, at school selling dates on the Booster Club website.  The hut will be open for the final two home football games, but will close after half time.  We have sold out of sweatshirts, reordering sweatshirts and t-shirts, but still trying to keep inventory levels low.

Yard Sign Report – David McMillin reported that more than half of the signs ordered have been picked up, three quarters of the stakes picked up.  Placed order for more painted lumber.

Concessions – Melissa said sales have been strong at the football games, keep encouraging volunteers.

Booster Bash – 2 co-chairs, committee of six people.  The Bash will be held at Pinstripes, first Saturday in March.

Team Reports

Varsity Football – 3-0, game at Schaumburg at 7:30 pm

JV Football – 1-2, won against Grant, game at Schaumburg this Saturday.

Freshman Football – 3-0, played two games last Saturday (A & B)

Varsity Girls Volleyball – 6-8 record, young team this year 3 sophomores, 7 juniors, 3 seniors

Freshman A – 2-1

Freshman B – 5-3

Girls JV Tennis – 4-0, in addition to an undefeated season so far, the team took 1st place at the GBS Quad Invitational, also won Prospect Invite.

Girls Freshman Tennis – Small team, only 11 girls, 1-4, number 1 doubles team is 4-1, team came in second in GBS Quad Invitational. Hosting 6 team Invite this Saturday.

Girls Varsity Tennis – 4-1

Boys & Girls Cross Country – Overall nice start for both teams, good participation, with many returning varsity runners and some new talented freshman.  Approximately 65 runners on both girls and boys teams. First meet this past Saturday at Lake Park Invitation, Boys Varsity placed 11th out of 17, Girls Varsity placed 14th out of 2.  Top GBN runner took 7th out of 150 runners. Upcoming events – Maine East Quad Meet and Warren Invitational.

F/S Boys Golf – 5-1 against single opponents, 2-0 Conference.  2nd place GBS Quad, 1st Rolling Meadow Invite.

Varsity Boys Golf – 5-1 against single opponents, 2-0 Conference.  Team is doing well, Rolling Green/Hersey Invitational 1st, CSL Invite 1st 

Varsity Girls Golf – good season, 5-0

JV Girls Golf – 4-2

Varsity Girls Swimming & Diving – 3rd at the Lake Forest Invite

JV Girls Swimming & Diving – over 50 girls on the team, lost to Stevenson, first pasta party this Thursday.

Freshman A Boys Soccer – 2-6, injuries, first pasta party last Friday, 20 boys on the team. 100% Booster Club participation.

Boys Sophomore Soccer – 1-6, two pasta parties, good team comradery

Boys JV Soccer – 2-4-2

Varsity Boys Soccer – 5-2, lost to Lyons and Maine South, beat New Trier 1-0

Athletic Director's Report

CSL Leadership Conference is at New Trier on October 5.  One junior athlete per sport is going to the Conference.  Kids will attend breakout sessions.  GBN running a Performance psychology and Choosing Right and Wrong session.  Kids will also breakout by sport.

SuperFan program is being implemented by the Athletic Department and Activities Director.  When a student attends an event, they will click on the app to get points. Events include sports, plays, band rehearsals, basically all GBN activities.  Students accumulate points towards t-shirts, water bottles, etc.  The administration has to set up events, determine points, set the times, and the geo tracker parameters.

The start to school has been very smooth.

John confirmed that our Conference is still participating in the hate speech protocol.


Susan Fraser adjourned the meeting at 7:55 pm.